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Why We Are Different

Roseville Spinal Decompression boasts an over 91% patient success rate. Our proprietary protocols include pre and post treatment procedures and unique at home care recommendations. We pride ourselves on holding our patient's hands every step of the way, as we know most have previously been let down by the health care system. Spinal decompression treatment is our office is flexible, affordable, and non-invasive. We treat a variety of spinal conditions including but not limited to, disc herniations, disc bulges, sciatica, disc degeneration, stenosis, and much more.

Consultations Made Easy

Curious if spinal decompression treatment makes sense for your health condition? Book a complimentary phone consultation with one of our specialists to determine if spinal decompression could be a treatment option for you. During your telehealth consultation call, we will review your health conditions and any imaging reports you may have, such as an MRI report. Upon preliminary review of your health concerns, you will be provided with information about spinal decompression treatment as it pertains to your specific health needs.

Why choose us

Our Health Mission

We are proud to provide unmatched levels of quality customer service, flexible and modern office communications, and a comfortable healing environment for those suffering from disc bulges or herniations, sciatica, spinal degeneration or arthritis, stenosis, and much more. Our goal is to make you feel better, and heal better, as quickly as possible.

Experience & Results

With years of combined experience of acute patient care, spinal trauma care, and spinal decompression treatment protocols, our medical team create custom spinal decompression treatment protocols catered to your specific health conditions and needs. Our office is dedicated 100% to spinal decompression treatment, no added filler or unnecessary modality are recommended to patients.

Doctors Who Care

At Roseville Spinal Decompression, patients are treated like family, and not just a file. Our doctors and patient care specialists aim to maximize patient treatment results by offering additional resources and recommendations that focus on preserving and maintaining spinal decompression treatment results. We will hold your hand every step of the way.

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